About Bore Recharge

Due to the extreme burrowing of new bore-wells and nonstop usage of existing ones, the level of ground water is exhausting ruthlessly and as a result, most of the bore wells have stopped working because of the dryness. It was bothering the agriculturists until technology proved its worth with an advancement named bore-well recharge technique. It is an innovative practice which involves refilling of ground tables with the rain water.

How is bore-well recharged?

A 10×10 feet permeation pit is burrowed over the drag well – and a bordering catchment territory (lake) is exhumed. Stone pitching is performed over the dividers of the permeation pit. A 3-inch layer of sand is made toward the finish of the pit. Gaps or openings are made in the drag well packaging funnel and we at that point cover it with work – to ensure just water embraces the drag well. Bond rings are situated over the drag well pipe and that region is left open. The bond rings are cemented together. Whatever remains of the piece of the pit past your concrete rings is brimming with sand, stone and rock. Rain water from the catchment territory (lake) gets used in the permeation pit. This at that point leaks in through the sand and rock outside the Cement rings. This water channels up through the sand in the foundation of the bond rings and fills the area over the pipe packaging and after that enters to the drag well through the defensive work and the openings consequently reviving the fundamental aquifer with clean, separated water. This renovation of ground water harvesting is useful for the following reasons:

It is a great process which has solved the problem of dried bore wells in the agriculture lands and many agriculturists are enjoying its benefits.

Below mentioned are few:

The level of water-output is improved: When bore wells are recharged using the technology, the level of water gets increased. It works even for the completely dried up bore wells if proper management is done while harvesting the rain water. It is a fully tested mechanism that involves simple steps.

Quality of water is enhanced: Using naturally filtered rain water results in the naturally purifying the water collected in the ground water tables. The impurities, hardness and presence of toxic substances including fluorides are reduced with time. So, the quality of water is enhanced.

Affordable product: As compared to the other solutions of water harvesting, bore well recharge technique is cheap and affordable. To set up a bore well recharge, it requires natural materials available locally and hence it can be done at a very low cost.

Permanent solution: When a bore well is recharged, it will never dry up. With each year of usage the underground water tables will refill themselves with the rain water and the bore well will be up and working permanently.

You can customize it: The bore well recharge technique is fully customizable according to the land of the farm and site. Be it a farmhouse or factory or educational institute, it is possible to refill any bore well of urban as well as rural area.

Eco-Friendly option: When you opt for the bore well recharge technique, you opt for an Eco-friendly option for meeting your water requirements. You not only resolve your water-scarcity problem but secure an eco friendly option for the future generation.

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